Stop or Reverse Kidney Disease By Treating Fructose Toxicity and Alkalizing the Body

The interview I did with nephrologist Dr. Patanay Teng-umnuay, MD, PhD (Molecular Cell Biology), who is also the Vice President of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine, Thailand, really opened my eyes to the value of a simple test that really should be done on all routine exams, especially if you have any type of kidney disease (or really hypertension, diabetes, bone loss, heart disease, etc), and that is a simple uric acid level. While we all know to check uric acid levels for gout and put people on lower meat protein diets, reduce cheeses and alcohol what I didn't know was how extremely important it was to lower uric acid levels by medication or diet to prevent or reverse kidney disease. It goes something like this. Fructose which comes from soft drinks, any confectionery food (along with the wrong type of fats), artificial sweeteners and fruit consumption is metabolized through the liver (unlike glucose). Its metabolism ends up increasing uric acid which can lead to an acid state in the body and progressive kidney disease. So to combat kidney disease (and other conditions, like bone loss, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc. ) stop all artificial sources of fructose (i.e. soft drinks, confectionery foods, etc.) and even fruit in some cases. Or limit to 2-3 pieces per day. Dr. Patana uses the old drug allopurinol to lower uric acid and buffers the blood with sodium bicarbonate to slow or reverse kidney disease. This is definitely a podcast to read and/or listen to! Very relevant to many people!

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