High Cortisol? Low Testosterone? Could It Be The Amount of Protein You Eat?

A mantra in integrative medicine is high cortisol keeps people from sleeping and results
in central weight gain. And it is usually blamed on eating "carbs", especially in the evening.
What isn't shared at conferences is the science (Watch This Video) that high animal protein
diets cause an exaggerated cortisol response AND high animal protein diets suppress
testosterone levels....just the opposite of what you might think, and, the anti-aging
community, of which I belong to, doesn't tell you.

More fruits and vegetables and "intact", whole food carbohydrates are good for you,
as I have previously posted to treat insulin resistance and diabetes.

Come to my workshop this Saturday, March 4th, 10:30 a.m. "Reverse Diabetes Today"
and you will see the science on how high protein and high fat diets effect diabetes
and insulin resistance.

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