Reduce Your Risk to 11 Cancers....How To Rapidly Lose Weight Safely!

Obesity is epidemic world-wide. The causes are obvious to me and you can see them
in the diet changes over the last 100 years in the U.S. and the industrializing world.

- Increased calories
- Increase animal food consumption
- Increased sugar consumption
- Increased fats and oils
- A reduction in whole grains, and actually percentage of calories from grains in general

This article states, "...Although the association of adiposity with cancer risk has been
extensively studied, associations for only 11 cancers (oesophageal adenocarcinoma,
multiple myeloma, and cancers of the gastric cardia, colon, rectum, biliary tract
system, pancreas, breast, endometrium, ovary, and kidney) were supported by strong

One of the best weight loss talks I have ever heard was a podcast I did recently with
body transformation expert Thomas Tadlock, MS. He's done it all. From doing heavy
Paleo (before it was Paleo) with high meat and high raw vegetable diets with water and
omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils for MTV celebrities to now his preferred and more
efficient 75% raw vegetable diet (smoothies, salads, raw vegetables), omega-3s from
flax and chia, high water intake (96 oz),  and plant proteins and intact carbs, if doing
body building, with aerobics as interval training and circuit weight training using using
large muscle groups to exhaustion. Listen to this podcast if you want to lose weight
fast and safe, or build a ripped body

....And reduce your risk to the above cancers.

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